Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just a quick update...

I'm still here!!

I'm still way too busy to post regularly but I am still bargain shopping. :)

Today I went to Walmart and picked up some Febreze starter kits on clearance for $2.00 and used a $4.00 coupon on them (no overage - bummer) and I picked up the 2oz size J&J body care lotion for $.99 and used the $2.00 coupon from SS 4/19. I bought 5 Febreze and 4 J&J and paid $.97 total for all!!

This week I am stopping my Meijer to pick up some super cheap Mac & Cheese and Kelloggs cereal. I still have about (10) $2.50 Eletrosal coupons to use but seriously - how much dishwasher soap do I need? I already have about 20 boxes of the stuff. I just hate to see good coupons go to waste. LOL

Happy hunting!


Johnny said...

So did you snag all of the Febreeze? I was in there Monday night and couldn't find any for $4 let alone the great $2 bargain you found.
Maybe I looked in the wrong place?

Christy said...

Hey good to hear from you again...it has been forever!

I did the mac & cheese, mayo, salad dressing and oscar mayer deals at meijer and will be going back in a little bit to get some more.

Call me sometime...where did you move to?