Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Extreme Couponing Week

Let me clarify, not one shelf was cleared in the making of this picture. :)

As most of you know, Meijer had Bisquick on sale for $1 a box this week. I purchased 20 coupons for $.50 off each Bisquick from online. Since my Meijer doubles up to $.50 this would make the Bisquick free. I then preceded to spend the week making several trips to a couple Meijer stores in my city. I would do several transaction at a time, because they only double two like coupons per transaction, but I would always leave boxes behind for others. Quite frankly, I would do that because not only would I feel guilty to be a shelf clearer (which I despise), but also embarassed to be getting so many at a time for free.

Total cost for all these boxes was $1.75 (the cost of the coupons). I already gave a box to my mom but needless to say I'm done buying Bisquick for quite a while. Waffles or shortcake anyone?

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