Sunday, December 21, 2008

CVS Bargains for the week of 12/21

Today it was only 13 degrees outside with a wind chill that doesn't really matter because if it's only 13 degrees outside its too cold out already, right? Anywho, I did make it into CVS despite the weather. I went in the afternoon and expected to see many of the 'free after ECB' to be gone, but I was pleasantly surprised to see them all nearly untouched. I didn't feel like shopping today - and my dear husband didn't feel like me shopping today (he drove me in) - so I just grabbed the sale items that I really wanted which was the nail polish and eye shadow.

I grabbed 2 Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine Nail Colors (black and deep purple for me) and one L'Oreal HIP Metallic eye shadow duos (brown shades).

So my deal was:
2 Nail Colors = $5.99 each
1 Eye Shadow = $6.99 each
Minus $17.98 ECB from Black Friday sales

Total Out of Pocket = $1.06
AND I got back a $11.98 ECB for the nail color and a $6.99 ECB for the eye shadow.

I may go back and get another eye shadow if I have time since the limit is two, but only if I have time tomorrow.

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