Monday, December 22, 2008

Never say Hate

We have an ongoing rule in our house - try not to say the word 'hate'. I think it sounds so harsh and mean-spirited. That being said, I catch myself saying it sometimes. Especially when the weather gets to be as bad as it is now. "I strongly dislike this weather" but that statement does not seem to do my feelings justice.

We live at the end of a lane that begins with a very steep hill. It's so steep, the snow plows refuse to plow it in the winter. Most of the winter my trash does not get picked up, or my packages delivered, or anything else delivered! Its very frustrating because sometimes even we can't make it up the hill!

So for the record, rule or no rule - I hate my hill right now. I love, love, love it in the summer, but this winter, I officially hate it - and the weather too!

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