Monday, December 29, 2008

Things I "lost"

Well its been a few days since a tree buried my bedroom and I'm starting to find out what exactly I lost. I could remember the obvious things like the side tables and lamp and phone charger and such. But as I go on about my life it's the little things I'm discovering that I am going to miss.

Last night I went to find a couple of coupons that I ment to use before the end of the year, only to discover they were in my other purse - which was laying beside my bed. So I went to dig through the rubble and after a few minutes I found my purse - coupons intact, just very wet. I also discovered one of my fuzzy slippers in the rubble. I'm sure the other is somewhere near but I could not find him. Oh, and I found my phone.

The best discovery was a snowglobe that I was sure had perished under all the weight, but I found it without even a chip on it. I am hoping to go digging again when my husband gets home and looking for a couple of delicious smelling, vanilla soy candles that were beside my bed. Hopefully, they made it through - cross your fingers for me!

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FromThe Creek said...

Sorry to hear about that happening to has been a nasty winter already here, hasn't it.

Glad to see that you are blogging again and hope to run into you at CVS again!