Friday, December 19, 2008

Trade Ins

At our house, we have what are different generations of video games. My oldest played video games on a different system then my youngest now does. So we had several video games and console systems that were going unused. Normally, I sell our unused items on Ebay, but video games are not the best sellers on Ebay, especially older ones.

However, we have a local store here in town that recently opened up, that takes trade ins of used video games - and for store credit. This is great for us because we still love our video games in this household.

Anywho, I was able to take a boat-load of our older games and consoles and trade them in for store credit of some new and used video games. This ReaLLy helped out my Christmas spending. Video games can be so expense. So I encourage you to look into trading in your older, unused video games. We were able to purchase several video games and videos for next to nothing!

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