Saturday, December 20, 2008 Clearance

There are few things in this house that gather the same attention from littlest one as the video games he dearly loves. That one creature would be Spiderman. I imagine when he is old enough to play a video game with Spiderman in it, he may explode from excitement. Anywho, Walmart online has a great clearance section with some awesome bargains. The key to getting the best deal is to check the site often. I usually check several times a day. They are constantly marking down the price of their clearance and once it gets to $4.00 and under, it usually gets sold out pretty fast.

I picked up a pair of a pair Spiderman shoes for my littlest one - which also comes with a comic book and a Spiderman action figure. I used the free site to store shipping and my order should be ready to pick up before Christmas at my local Walmart. All this for a grand total of $4.00!

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